Flipping the Translation in    233x350Popular Science:

In Both Directions Between English and Chinese

Author: Dr Pei-ShuTsai

Print (paperback):           ISBN: 9781911033165

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ISBN (digital PDF):           9781911033172

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Flipping the Translation in Popular Science is a collection of Dr. Tsai’s research and teaching experiences over the years as an instructor of courses on popular science and translation, and on translation practice in both directions between Chinese and English. The research material covers the latest science articles published through 2014-2016, providing translation examples with updates of technological development and new information on scientific matters. The book looks into common errors made by translation students, categorizes the reasons for such analysis error, and offers practical solutions and principles for translators to practice translation on scientific subjects.

Key Features

•    The author of the book has both a linguistics and a neuroscience background, providing a cross-disciplinary perspective to the discipline of translation.
•    The participants in the study are graduate students of a translation and interpreting program, thus the discussion in the book avoids basic grammar and spelling errors that beginning learners of English would make.
•    Data provided in this study are specific to translation as an academic research subject, not translation as a medium in English teaching.
•    The book provides real-life translation examples from two directions, from English to Chinese, and from Chinese to English.


Academics and students who major in translation and translation theories

SBN (print):                    9781911033165
ISBN (Digital PDF):       9781911033172
Publication date:            November 2016
Territorial rights:              Worldwide
Number of pages:          92
Size (print):                     234mm x 156mm
Readership:                    university and professional


1       Popular Science and Translation    
2       Evaluation of Translation    
2.1    Error analysis in translation    
2.2    Quality of translation    
3       English-Chinese Translation    
3.1    Materials    
3.2    Data collection    
3.3    Analysis procedure    
3.4    Near synonyms    
3.5    Background knowledge    
3.6    Fixed expressions    
3.7    Polysemous words    
3.8    Combination of problems    
4       Chinese-English Translation    
4.1    Materials    
4.2    Data collection    
4.3    Analysis procedure    
4.4    Near synonyms    
4.5    Background knowledge    
4.6    Polysemous words    
4.7    Explicitation    
4.8    Combination of problems    
5       Suggestions for Translation Procedure    
5.1    Sequential model    
5.2    Dynamic model    
5.3    Cognitive Perspective    
5.4    Analysis procedure


Dr Pei-Shu Tsai is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan. She received a MA in linguistics at National Taiwan University and obtained training in cognitive neuroscience for her PhD study at National Yang-Ming University. Her research interests cover linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, psycholinguistics, and first/second-language acquisition, with a focus on semantics and ambiguity at lexical, sentential, pragmatic, and cultural levels.

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