AnalyticalModelling 350

Analytical Modelling in Parallel and Distributed Computing

Authors: Peter Hanuliak and Michal Hanuliak

Print (paperback):           ISBN: 978-1-909287-90-7

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ISBN (digital PDF):            978-1-909287-91-4

ISBN (epub):                      978-1-909287-91-4

ISBN:                                 978-1-909287-91-4

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This publication examines complex performance evaluation of various typical parallel algorithms (shared memory, distributed memory) and their practical implementations. As real application examples we demonstrate the various influences during the process of modelling and performance evaluation and the consequences of their distributed parallel implementations.

Key Features

  • Includes many real-case examples
  • Detailed practical and theoretical analysis



Scholars and researchers.

ISBN (print):                  978-1-909287- 90-7

ISBN (digital PDF):        978-1-909287-91-4

ISDN (epub):                 978-1-909287-91-4

ISDN (mobi):                 978-1-909287-91-4

Publication date:           September 2014

Territorial rights:            worldwide

Number of pages:         290

Size (print):                   234mm x 156mm

Readership:                  university and professional





1. Modelling of Parallel Computers and Algorithms

2. Parallel Computers

3. Parallel Algorithms

4. Parallel Program Developing Standards










Both authors, Peter Hanuliak and Michal Hanuliak, are based at the Dubnica Technical Institute, Slovakia.







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