Making Partnering Work in the Construction IndustryCritchlow cover 

Author: Julian Critchlow


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Recommended price: £55.00/$95.00/€80.00


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'Making Partnering Work in the Construction Industry', by Julian Critchlow, takes a balanced and pragmatic approach in trying to fill the gap of practical information on implementing partnering in the construction industry. Partnering is the radical new approach designed to reduce disputes in the construction industry. The book begins by considering the nature of partnering in the construction industry and what distinguishes it from other approaches. Importantly, it evaluates partnering in terms of both advantages and disadvantages. After a section on what partnering is, the bulk of the book explores the central issue of how partnering may be implemented and the potential implications. The potential impact of both domestic and European Union legislation on partnering agreements is also examined.


The book is aimed at all of the professions engaged in the construction industry: lawyers, practitioners, academics and researchers in the construction industry. 


ISBN (print):                 978-1-902375-00-7

ISBN (digital PDF):     978-1-909278-31-0

ISBN (epub):                978-1-909287-33-4

ISBN (mobi):                978-1-909287-32-7

Publication date:         1998

Territorial rights:           worldwide

Number of pages:       132

Size (print):                  280mm x 210mm

BIC2 code(s):              LNCQ, LNCJ

BISAC code(s):           LAW019000



The nature of partnering and general contractual issues

The case for partnering

Strategic partnering

Project partnering

The impact of regulations

A sample project partnering charter

Sample framework Partnering Agreement

Table of statutes and cases


About the author

Julian Critchlow, the author, is a leading construction lawyer.

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